Sunday, October 24, 2010

Soap Bottle Directions

How cute are these soap bottles I want to make some for Christmas teacher gifts.  I got this idea from


  • soap or lotion--any size or shape
  • spray primer
  • spray paint
  • text: vinyl, foam stamps & craft paint
  • ribbon

1. Remove any labels, and excess "gooey" stuff from the outside of the soap. Goo Gone, or any adhesive remover should work well. Make sure the container is clean and dry.

2. Remove the lid/pump. This step is IMPORTANT---you must prime the bottle BEFORE painting. If you don't, the paint will run, or leave you with major streaks and bumps. I used a spray paint primer--I like Rustoleum--and sprayed it very lightly, just to cover. Let dry completely. *Note: One can of primer will last quite awhile. I made several, and still had a lot of paint left.

3. Next step...painting. When using spray paint, remember, less is more. Stand back a little more than you would if you were painting wood, and kind of let it mist over it. It will cover quickly, so you really don't want too much. Let dry completely.

4. Now you're ready for text! I rummaged through some extra vinyl I had, and chose a "w" for our monogram, and "joy" for a Christmas version. I also wanted to try using paint and my foam stamps for one, which I did for the Halloween version. If you're using vinyl, apply as you normally would. If you're using paint, you need to do one of two things--either use spray paint (just spray some paint onto a paper plate--not foam-- and use your finger to apply it to the stamp), or you'll need to spray the bottle with a moisture-resistant craft spray to protect the craft paint. If not, as soon as it gets wet, the paint will run.

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  1. Too Cute! That's my next project. By the way, I sell the safety pin watches at my brother's shop in the mall. People love them!