Saturday, November 13, 2010

Speed Racer Birthday

We went to Dave's Need 4 Speed for Johnathan's birthday party.  I had never been there so I didn't know what to expect but can I tell you it lived up to it's expectation.   My husband decided to join in on the fun too.  The boys had to make sure that the Dad's score wouldn't count.

1st set of racers. 

2nd set of racers.

I figured that a NASCAR theme party 
would be fun given the place we went to.  

The posters on the tables I gave to the winners.

The boys got to put stickers on a NASCAR they got to take home.

We were suppose to race them but we ran out of time.

We also did glow golf.

Laser tag

I went simple on the cake and bought hostess cupcakes and turned them upside down and made an 8 out of it.

We had a really great day.  I hope the boys had as much fun as we did?

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Which is your favorite?

At our house we have a collection of red hats.  If you look close you will see that there are three different teams on the hats.   Luke loves the Texas Rangers (on the right) and Texas Tech (on the left) and Johnthan love the Utah Utes (the one in the middle).   Which hat do you like the best?

Look who's 8

I can't believe I am old enough to have an 8 year old.  I feel very blessed to have him in our family.  

He is very responsible, determined, thoughtful and funny kid.  

We are very happy that he is getting ready to be baptized.  He also is starting scouts for the first time.  It hit me the other day that I only have 10 more years (give or take a few) with this kid.  I pray everyday that I am doing the best I can as a Mom.  

I hope it is enough?  Love you Johnny.  Happy Birthday!!

First time at Cub Scouts

Getting ready to be baptized.


Every Halloween we have to go the our neighbor's house that has a pirate ship carnival.  In the local newspaper this house won the best decorated house in our town and they plan for 1,000 visitor every year.  Everyone brings friends to see it.  The family puts on games for the kids and they can win prizes.  Luke won a pirate cup, Lauren - Nemo and Johnathan - a light up sword.  You can take a picture with the pirate and they give out popcorn and hot chocolate.  It is an event we look forward to all year.

Our "Trick or Treating" bunch.

Lauren is Jesse .

Luke is Buzz Light year. 

I couldn't convince Johnathan to be the green plastic faced army guy from Toy Story because he said it would look too much like a baby.   We compromised on the one from Target.  Mom and kid happy.  

Another fun Halloween.  

Silly Bands

Does your kids arms look like this?  Covered in so many silly bands I am afraid that his circulation might be cut off.  I have to say at first the silly bands were fun and the kids loved all the different shapes and trading them with friends.  However my tune has changed.   I hate these tiny bands that get left all over my house.  I hate it when we can't find one they need right then.  For the record my kids are still loving the silly bands.  Mom not so much.