Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Here is what happened to us on our drive home from Christmas break.  Flat tire 50 miles outside of the last big town and 50 from the next big town.  We broke down 10:00 at night on a Saturday.

1.  Blessing -  Right as the tire blew there was a truck pull off spot that magically appeared.   No one was there but we did have a flat non-icy spot to change the tire.  This saved us because we wouldn't have been able to change the tire if it had happened on the regular side of the road.  It would have been too dark and slopped.

2.  Blessing - My husband knows how to change a tire with all this stuff in the back and a wife and three kids in the car.  It was extremely windy and cold.  He didn't want to get us out of the car so we stayed in while he fixed everything.  My husband is my hero.

3.  Blessing - After my husband got the spare tire on he noticed that it was flat too.  We have an air compressor to pump it up and it broke.  Here we are in the middle of now where freezing cold in the middle of the night and all we needed was just a little bit of air to fill up the 1/2 emptied spare.

We drove 2 miles backwards to get air at the gas station we passed, none.  We went forward 15 more miles creeping along the side of the road super slow.  We almost got run over by a semi.  After we get to the next gas station for air they are closed and no air.  At this point the flat is almost empty and we can't travel on it any more.  We call a road side service guy to come get us air.  We waited another 1/2 hour to have him show up and it took him 10 minutes to get the compressor to work.  Such a small task putting air in your tire when you need it.  When you can't get something you need it can make you crazy.

4.  Blessing - We didn't get in a car accident or get stuck on the road somewhere.  No snow storms.

5.  Blessing - Family that was praying for us.  Thank you for your prayers.  Blessings are very small things that sometimes can go unnoticed.  Looking at the blessings around you when something goes wrong is very humbling.  Very grateful someone is looking after us.