Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Every Halloween we have to go the our neighbor's house that has a pirate ship carnival.  In the local newspaper this house won the best decorated house in our town and they plan for 1,000 visitor every year.  Everyone brings friends to see it.  The family puts on games for the kids and they can win prizes.  Luke won a pirate cup, Lauren - Nemo and Johnathan - a light up sword.  You can take a picture with the pirate and they give out popcorn and hot chocolate.  It is an event we look forward to all year.

Our "Trick or Treating" bunch.

Lauren is Jesse .

Luke is Buzz Light year. 

I couldn't convince Johnathan to be the green plastic faced army guy from Toy Story because he said it would look too much like a baby.   We compromised on the one from Target.  Mom and kid happy.  

Another fun Halloween.  

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